Shrub & Tree Care

Our shrub and tree care program provides complete balanced fertilizer and insect protection. The right type of fertilizer is used with the correct balance of micronutrients for your specific plant. A combination of horticultural oil, systemic insecticides and contact insecticides are used depending on the pest involved. We regularly scout your trees and shrubs for insect infestations, diseases, watering amounts and other cultural issues so we can inform you of the best management practices to maintain a beautiful landscape. We serve residents in Navarre, Mobile, FL, with expert lawn fertilization services.

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Palm Tree Care

At ChemPro, we realize the sizeable investment customers have in their palm trees. Some palms cost as much as $10,000 each! Palms have unique fertilizer needs. We use specially blended palm fertilizer that contain the nutrients that palms need and thrive upon. They are fertilized with ½ -1 pound of fertilizer per inch of trunk width on a quarterly basis. We also watch for insects and diseases that sometimes attack palms.

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